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If you have a question not listed, please feel free to contact me or ask at your appointment

This is YOUR session. Speak up!

Why is this so important? If you want anything changed: pressure, areas worked, position or if you are too hot or too cold ... let me know!

You will not my feelings by asking for something that will make you more comfortable. I want this to be the best experience for you to relax and enjoy.

Also, what you requested in one session may be different in another. If you had a full body massage last time you had a session, but this time you only want your back/neck/shoulders/arms worked, it's perfectly fine to ask.

You will enjoy your session so much more!



What is massage?

Massage therapy is manual manipulation of muscles, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments to enhance an individual’s health and well-being. There are dozens of types of massage therapy methods (also called modalities).


Are there side effects?

Depending on how deep into the muscle tissue the therapist gets, there may be some discomfort the day after. This should be more of a soreness you feel after working out, as opposed to feeling bruised. Always feel free to call if you have any questions.


Are there different techniques?

Yes! Each massage at Avenues for Health incorporates at least a few different modalities, including deep tissue, positional release, and accupressure. There are numerous styles of massage. Read about some of them here.


What are the benefits of massage?

Includes but not limited to: - relaxationbetter sleeplowered blood pressure- decreased stress - help with chronic muscle pain - Increased range of motion of limbs and joints - Renews energy, ambition and productivity - manages pain caused by whiplash, muscle spasms, sciatica, and headaches - enhances athletic performance and allows for more intense training - Can prevent or reduce scarring following trauma or injury -


Do I tip my therapist?

Whether you tip your therapist is completely up to you. If you think your therapist did an outstanding job, they will appreciate the gesture! On average, most people tip anywhere from 15%-20%.


What if I'm uncomfortable?

You should never be made to feel uncomfortable during your session. If you ever are, you have every right to terminate the session or say something to the therapist.

The same is true for the therapist. If they feel uncomfortable enough to want to end a session, they have the right. 


Do I need to come early?

Every establishment is different but most agree that showing up a few minutes early is a good idea, ESPECIALLY if you are a new client. You should be required to fill out some sort of paperwork your first time.


Do I undress or stay fully clothed?

Feel free to undress to your comfort level. While it is easier for the therapist to work deeper into the tissues with direct contact, there are techniques that can still relieve tension and stress through clothing.


Will I be covered during the massage?

Yes, only the part of the body the therapist is working on at the time will be uncovered.


What if it hurts?

Please tell the therapist if someting hurts. It could be too much pressure, or can indicate a trigger point, or it can be a sign that something else is going on in the body. In any scenario, your therapist needs to know! 


I want more pressure, what do I do?

Speak up! Only you can feel what the therapist is doing so if you want more pressure (or less), don't be afraid to ask.


Is this a full body massage?

If you specify your wants, yes. This is requested the most but clients can have just one area worked on during the session. If you have a specific injury or issue you would like addressed, please be sure to mention it during your intake.


How will I feel after the massage?

Most people feel very relaxed. Some experience a significant decrease or freedom from long-term aches and pains. Many feel a little slowed down for a short period and then notice an increase of energy, heightened awareness and increased productivity which can last for days.

If you received a deep massage, you may be slightly sore the next day - much like a good workout at the gym. Sometimes a hot shower, or a soak in the tub can ease this soreness.

After your session you should increase your water intake a bit. Just a glass or two more than normal is usually fine. This helps keep your body's tissues hydrated and healthy.


When should I NOT get a massage?

There are few conditions which would prevent you from enjoying massage. You should not book a massage if you have a fever, cold/flu, or contagious skin infection. That's it. Please wait 5 days to ensure you are no longer contagious.

There are many other conditions in which your therapist may need to adapt his/her techniques (i.e. arthritis or osteoporosis) or avoid an area completely (i.e. cuts or burns). With some conditions it is a good idea to get an approval from your physician before you receive massage (cancer, certain heart conditions, pregnancy). This doesn't mean you can't get massage. But its always better to err on the side of caution.
Your therapist can advise you about your specific needs.


Will the therapist talk during the session?  Am I supposed to talk?

Only if you want them to. If your therapist is talking while you want to be relaxing, feel free to say something or just stay quiet.

You can always talk, if you like. Every person is different every day!


Is massage covered by insurance?

Not usually, but occasionally in car accident cases and other special circumstances. You can, however, use your FLEX dollars if you have them! Avenues for Health will not submit claims for you but will gladly give you a reciept and other necessary documentation if you think it will be covered!


Do I need to do anything during the massage?

Not unless you are communicating your needs!! Lay down, relax, and enjoy your session! 


When do I need to come back?

That depends. The effects can last several days or even weeks. Your body will tell you when you need another massage, but don't be afraid to make another appointment before you leave!

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